Monday, February 20, 2012

I love Skype :)

We were so Happy

to See Each Other :)

Missing this Girl!!!

I love Skype its the Coolest thing ever!!! I'm so glad they invented this!!!! Well I got to Skype with my friend thats Far away!!!! It was so much fun to see her and catch up with her!!!

Happy Valentines Day



Missing... Leighton, Finley!!!

I love this Movie!!

My parents always know how to make my Valentines Day Special!!!! One day I will have a Wonderful guy to Share Valentines Day with!!!! I got a Cute Pug car that was blowing out kisses!!! It says Happy Valentines Day!!! I also go Money which is always nice!!! I went out and Bought the movie Lady and the Tramp!!! I never seen it so I thought what a way to end your Valentines Day with the Cutest love story!! I went with my dad and we pick up all of the Grand kids and went to visit my Mom so they can get there Valentines Day gifts from there favorite Grandma!!! She gave them cute bags with Valentines stuff in it!! Can't wait until she does it for my own kids!!!!

~The Vow~

The Best Movie


My Niece Brooklynn

She is getting so Big!!!

Going to Watch the

Vow So excited ;)

I wanted to go see the Vow!!! I decided to take my niece Brooklynn and went with my friends!!! It was such a good movie!!! It was super sad I cried through the whole movie!!! It shows what a true marriage can be and how much you can love someone!!!! I feel bad for couples who go through this I couldn't imagine!!!! It was a fun way to spend your Saturday night!!!

I love this Boy so Much he Melts my Heart :)

I Love this Boy!!!

Hank the Tank!!!

I always love it when I get to watch this little man!!!! Hank the Tank!!! He is such a good baby!!! He melts my heart everytime!!! I can't believe how big he is getting!!! Don't want him to grow up!!!! Well it was so much fun to watch him!!!! I love you Mister Hank Dexter Manning :)

Got my hair done Finally!!!

I finally got my Hair done!!!! Its been 3 whole months since ive had it done!!! It was time to get roots touch up!!! my hair was looking pretty dark on top!!! It makes your day so much better when you get your hair done ;)

Movie Night @ Kendall's Backyard!!!

On our way to

our friend Kendall's

house for the Movie!!!




I went to my friend Kendall's house he was having a Movie in his backyard!!! I went with my friend Natalie and her sister Brooke!!! They were having food and a bomb fire!!! We took blankets and jackets because it was going to be a little cold outside!!! It was alot of fun!!! Met alot of new people!!!! I don't even know what the movie was playing because too bussy talking to people and having fun eating yummy smores :)

~Kara Ann Penrod~ Leaving to go on her Nanny Adventure to Carmel Indiana!!

I love you so much

Kara!!! Your going to be the best

Nanny out there!!!

Cuteness :)

Our Last Night

Hanging Out :)

Catelyn and Carlie!!!!

Having fun @ her

Fiesta Party!!!

I'm going to

Miss this Girl

so Much

This Year better

go by Quick!!!

Her New Home

Carmel Indiana!!!

Kara's New Nanny

Adventure :)

Well my wonderful friend that I met in my singles ward over a year ago is leaving to go be a Nanny!!! She found a wonderful family in Carmel Indiana!!! I'm so happy for her she is going to do so good out there!!! She is going to be gone a Whole year:( I'm going to miss her so much!!! Her family decided to throw her a Farewell Fiesta Party!!!! I decided to Get her a Comfy Zebra Blanket to keep her Warm in her New Home!!! I made her a Photo Album of all the wonderful Memories that we have made this past year!!!! It made me tear up a bit but it was happy tears!!! She loved it!!! Well Kara I love you so much you have been such a wonderful friend to me!!!! I love all of the fun times we have had together!!!! I will miss you so much so i hope it goes by fast!!! Love ya dude have so much fun on your Adventure!!!! Cant wait to go out and Visit you!!!

~Idaho & Utah Trip~

Planking Photo hahaha :)

Yummy Food :)

All of the girls @

Cafe Rio!!!!


I love My cousins so Much!!!


Cute Butt Photo :)

Look at those Cute Sexy

Butts lol :)

Round 2 of Piggy

Back Rides!!!

Piggy Back Ride

Ems :)



We like to pop each other's


She Loves my Little Feel

hahahaha LoL :)

Relaxing in our Comfy

Sweats :)

Her Cute Pregnant Belly


Rakell My friend Steph's

Cute Daughter :)


Kisses :)

We Love Nutella


It Was Freezing for sure

in Idaho :(

That's what happens when

you live in Sunny warm


~Rexburg Temple~

My Best Friend Sarah

Conner Spencer ;)

Finley Skyler Snow

Got to Spend time with

my Best Friend :)

I had the best holiday break ever... I had a Whole Month Off!!!! Yahoo :) I decided to go spend time with my family and friends!!!! I went back home with karley up to Idaho to see where her new place is... I got to finally see what Byu Idaho looks like!!! I couldn't believe how Beautiful it is up there... My favorite part was seeing the Rexburg Temple at the top of the Mountain!!! We went to her apartment and see her cute bedroom. Meet her Wonderful Roommates ;) I also got to see one of my best friends from high school. She lives up there with her husband and it was right down the street from karley's apartment!!! I got to hangout with them on one of the nights!!! It was so much fun!!! I miss that girl so much and was so happy that we got to catch up with each other's lives!!!! I got to meet my new niece Finley Skyler Snow!!! She is so beautiful and I love holding her all day!!! I was able to spend time with my brother Davis and sister in law Rachael and my niece leighton ;) So happy i got to see them!!!

I took the shuttle down to Utah and my Cousins pick me up in Ogden... The Bateman Clan is what I call them!!!! I was able to stay in there home!!! 5 Beautiful girls that i call my cousins!!! Emily, Lissy, Haley, Lauren and Tammy and Brennan Bateman!!!! We got to go out to dinner!!!! Watch movies and stay up late and have girl talks!!! (Brennan and Tammy hate because I talk to loud hahaha ) I love coming to visit them they always make my trip so much fun!!!! I hope they will come down to Arizona and Visit me!!! We took so many pictures because you know I'm obsessed with my camera!!!! They turned out really cute!!!! While i was in Utah I got to see another friend of mine!!! I went to high school with her as well!!! I haven't seen her in like a Year and Half so i thought it would be time to visit her while i was in Utah!!!! She is married has a cute girl name Rakell!!! She has another baby on the way a little boy Skyler!!! Got to hangout at her house and just talked for hours!!!! It was so much fun!!!! Can't wait for her to have her little boy!!! On my last day before I went to the airport!!!! My cousins took me to Cafe Rio!!! It was so Yummy!!! We took pictures and I told them I wanted them to hold me like they do in Wedding Pictures!!! Well it didn't turn out so good!!! hahaha Laughing so hard it now looks like I'm planking!!! Oh well I guess that's what I get!!!! Well It was a much needed trip!!! So glad i did it!!! It was worth Every Penny :) Cant wait to go back again!!! Warning Picture Over Load ;) Enjoy!!!