Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Wearing Blue for this

Special Day!

Happy 4Th :)

Happy 4Th of July!!! I can't believe were in July already where did the time go?!? I had a fun day Laying out and Swimming at my sisters!!! Had a BBQ at my sisters house with all of her friends since my parents were out of town!!! Yummy Food!!! Karley and Kasen and I went to meet up at our friends house for More food and watching Fireworks!!! It was Windy and storming but they still did them... I was kind of sad that the weather was bad oh well!!! I'm grateful for the Freedom that I have!!! Thanks to our Troops for Protecting our Country!!!! I hope everyone had a fun 4Th of July!!! I sure did!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I love this girl so much
Sisters :)

~ My Little Feet~
Size 6;(

Here I Go!!!


~ Girls ~

We got to go Bowling over the weekend!!! We went with our friends, Tim, Brett, Kaitlyn!!!! I haven't been bowling in such a long time!!!! I'm not very good at It LoL!!!! It was so much fun!!! I didn't win of course but I was a good sport about it!!! My score of the night was 84 highest Ive ever been!!! Took some fun Pics!!!