Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas @ Snow's House

~Christmas Lights~

The little Tree
The Big Tree
Front Door

My Christmas Sock
Ive had ever since i was a
Little Girl!

~All the Socks
Hanging in a Row~

More Snow Man's:)

I love Christmas its my Favorite Holiday!!! I'm so grateful for this time of year to Reflect on our Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!!! So grateful for all that he has done for us!!! Its starting to look like Christmas at the Snow's House in Arizona!! We were able to put up a lot more Decorations in our house because we have a lot more Space!!! I love have the last name "Snow" our house is Covered with Snow Mans everywhere:) I hope in my Future house I can do the same Traditions like my mom has every year!!! Well I'm Super Excited for Christmas just only 4 more days!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

~ I LuV Pink~

Who loves ~Pink~ I sure do!!!!! Its starting to be one of my Favorite Brands ever:) I never really owned any stuff from Pink but now I'm Loving it!!! They are so Comfortable and I wish I could buy everything in the Store!!! I went to Victoria Secret over the Weekend and got a Sweat Shirt and Sweat Pants!!! They are so Cute:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hank Dexter Manning

~Hank the Tank~

First Time Holding Him:)

He is so Adorable!!
I love being an

Hank finally Arrive!!! We are so happy he is here!!! Hank Dexter Manning 8lbs 8oz 22 inches long!!! We call him Hank The Tank now:) He is such a precious baby just love this little man so much!!! Im so happy for Kortney and Greg!!! Now that makes 3 kids in there Family!!! I'm an Aunt again so Exciting!! I love having new ones around!!! I love all my Nieces and Nephews:)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving in Sunny Arizona!!! The weather was Perfect for this Wonderful Day!!! It was about 76:) We got to celebrate it with Kortney and Greg and the kids!!! We miss Jamie and Davis this year.... We got up early and head over to Golden Coral for Lunch!!! The food was so Yummy!!! Who needs to worry about cooking when its all there for you!!! There were so many people there you would be amaze how many people don't cook on Thanksgiving hahaha!!! Came home and everybody crash and took a long nap!!! Got up and started making dinner with our Turkey, Stuffing, Ham, Fruit Salad, all the tradition food you make on this wonderful day!!! It was a fun day! I'm so thankful for my Wonderful Family that i loved so much!!! I loved how it doesn't get that cold here in AZ for the Holidays!!! Now ready for Christmas to Come!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

~Work Christmas Party~


~All of the Girls~

I had my Work Christmas Party on Sat. I'm currently working as a Medical Assistant at Pendleton's Pediatrics! I did my Externship through them thanks to my Wonderful MoM back in August and Ive been with them ever since!!! I love all these girls they are a fun group to work with! The party was at Dr Pendleton's house!!! Cameron was the Wonderful guy that was my date for the night!!! We did a white elephant gift and we end up coming home with a Snuggie and a Hot Chocolate mug!!! Thanks to Cameron i got my Cute Snuggie that's Purple and has Peace signs on it!!! He took the mug!!! It was fun to get with all the girls and I got to meet there spouses finally:) We had a wonderful time!!! Cameron and I left and went got Ice Cream at cold Stone and watch Pirates of the Caribbean at my house!!! I had a wonderful time with him and so glad he was able to come with me:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Joseph Smith "A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet"

Best Cd Ever:)
~Sisters Forever~
~Beautiful Sunset~

A Night I won't Ever Forget, My family had the Opportunity to go to a concert "A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet" A band with a Group of Lds Guys that wrote a CD about Joseph Smith and his Life Legacy. Our Cousin Dan Truman plays the Piano for them. This Album is all about this 14yr old Boy that Change our Lives forever!!! I'm so grateful for him and all that he did for us so we can Have this Amazing Gospel on the Earth Today!!!! The Spirit there was Incredible and So Strong!!! It Brought Tears so my eyes!!! You really need to buy it and listen to it!!!! My Testimony Strengthen so Much!!! It was an Amazing Experience for My family:) Kar and I took some pics before we went!!! They Turned out Super Cute!!! Kar looks so Beautiful!!! I love her so Much!!! She is such a Wonderful Sister!!! I'm so grateful for her!!! What a Fun Nite!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miss this Girl!!!

~S & K~
BeSt frIenDs:)

Love her New Hair Cut!!!
I got to go back home over the weekend!!! One of My Best Friends Sarah got Married a couple Months ago!!! I haven't seen her since her Wedding!!!! I was able to go over and see her new Home!!! Its so Adorable for Newlyweds for her and Zack!!! I love it!!! We got to spend some time with each other and Catch Up!!!! She also got a new Hair cut and i just Love it!!! It looks so Good on her!!! I love this girl so much and I'm so happy for her!!! Its crazy to think she is Married Now i have to sometimes Remind myself that!!! I had so much fun with her and so glad i got to see her!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

~Happy Halloween~

I know its a little late but just wanted to show what i did for Halloween!!! I normally don't like Halloween and dressing up but got invited to a big party that they had in Mesa!!! I came up with the idea that karley and I could do. I saw that my cousins were dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss!!! That's what we did!! We made our costumes and it turned out really cute!!! The party was so Awesome they had about over 2,000 people there!!! The weather was perfect nice and warm!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


~Having a Sister is like having a Best Friend you can't get rid of . You know whatever you do, they'll still be there~
This so true and thats how i feel about my Sister and Best friend ~Karley~ She is such an Amazing person and I look up to her so much!!! It's always fun spending time with her, laughing, gigling, and just talking about anything!!! She is always there for me when I need her!!! Im grateful for Heavenly Father for having her in my life!!! I love her and im grateful for her Sweet Spirit!!! I know i will always have her by my side!!!

~Rascal Flatts~

My New Shirt


~Kar, Kaitlyn, Amanda, Me

Rascal Flatts

My most Favorite Concert to go to Every Year!!! They came to Phoenix and I got Tickets!!! All of my family went!!! I had a blast it was so worth it!!! Rascal Flatts is one of my Favorite Country Bands;) There music is Amazing!!! Im so glad that i went!!!

My Grandma Sink Celebrated her 90Th Birthday!!! She is going strong, healthy, happy!!! I love this Woman so much she is such an Example of how a Mother and Grandmother should be!!! I hope i can be like her to my kids someday!!! I got to go to Salt Lake and Spend time with my family that i haven't seen in so long!!! We made her a book of all the Memories of her growing up and each of us wrote a letter of our Wonderful Memories about our Grandma!!! It turned out really neat and i finally got a copy and i will take a pic and put it up soon!!! It was a wonderful day and I love my grandma so much!!! She is the greatest person i know and I'm so grateful for heavenly father for sending her to me;)

Where did I go?

I can't believe i went this long.... SoRRy EverYone;( Well an update in the last Couple Months!!!
August: Weddings I love going to them so much. It makes me so Excited for mine ~Someday~ I had the oppurtunity to attend 2 of my GirlfrIenDs Weddings in Saint George they were both on Aug 21,2010! Sarah Paxman now Sarah Kolb, and Lauren Wade now Lauren Germane;) There Weddings were Amazing and So Beautiful!!! I had so much fun and so glad i could be there for them!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Neon Party

Kar and I on our way to
a Neon Party!!! Our Bright
Colors!!! We had a blast!!

I Love Kar So Much!!!

I love Summer!!!

Amanda a Girl from my
ward!! She is such a doll love
her to pieces!!!
Kisses XoXoXo

Girls just want to have fun

Love my bright

My Favorite Drink Ever


Over the Weekend I went to a Neon Party!!! I went with Kar and a bunch of girls from my ward!!! Got all Dress up in our Bright Colors!!! I never been to one and I had a blast!!! We definitely glowed!!! On the way home I stop at my Favorite place QT and got Dr Pepper!!! Yummy it was 1130 at nite and i was definitely craving it don't know why!!! I love Summer its Definitely Hot in AZ!!! Can u imagine 118 degree Weather??? Crazyness!!! I love it for sure!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

~Hair Day~

All The foils he put in

Well here is a slight idea of what i go through when i get my hair done!!! Separating all the pieces in my hair and than come the foils!!! 3 hours later I'm all done!!!! Joe does an Excellent Job!!! I just go to a salon in downtown Mesa!!!