Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Suit

Summer is Finally Here......Well living in Az its been warm since March lol!!! Now the temperatures are getting to the 100's Im so Excited i love it when that gets that warm!!! I went to Downeast Outfiters my Favorite Store of all time!!!! I bought a New Swimming Suit!!!! I love it and Cant Wait to Wear It;) Laying Out Time!!!!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Before & After

Before & After!!!

I Love It!!!
Side View

New Skirt!!

Well Got Some Good News!!! I Finally Change My Hair Color!!! I decided I Needed A Change!!! My mom took me to a Salon in downtown Mesa!! 6Hrs Later New Look!!! It was along Day but it was all Worth It!!! Thanks Mom For Taking Me:) Well I hope you All like It I sure Do!!! My mom said I look like Her when She Married My Dad!!! Yep Crazy Uh?!?! I love It and I couldnt be Any Happier;)


Went Home for the Weekend!!! Got to see all my Family and Friends I miss so much!!! Here are some Fun Pics while I was there;) I always love going back home to Saint George!!!! I had so much fun!!! Can't Wait to Go Back!!!

School Update

My Amazing
Cheryl Iverson

We had Matching Scrubs
on So I wanted to get a
Way to go
U Did It!!






I just wanted to give you an Update about School... These pictures of the Seniors that just Left us;( I was sad to see them go but also so happy for them that they did it and finish there Program!!! That will be me one day... I'm Super Excited when that comes;) I love all these girls they were so much fun to be around with!!! I got so close with all of them!!! They were so helpful with me anytime I needed it!!! I know they are going to do well in their jobs!!! Congrats Girls way to go you did it!!! So proud of you all!!! School is going Amazing!!! I love being in the Medical Assisting Program!!! Ive learn so much I could not believe it!!! I just finish my fifth Module I only got 2 Left Yahoo!!! I got Perfect Attendance this Mod!!! I got a Certificate for it but i forgot to take a pic of it!!! I was so happy that I achieve that goal!!! I have an Amazing Instructor Cheryl Iverson!!! She such a wonderful Person inside and out!!! She has done so much for me!!! So glad I'm apart of her class couldn't ask for a better Teacher!!!