Monday, October 25, 2010


~Having a Sister is like having a Best Friend you can't get rid of . You know whatever you do, they'll still be there~
This so true and thats how i feel about my Sister and Best friend ~Karley~ She is such an Amazing person and I look up to her so much!!! It's always fun spending time with her, laughing, gigling, and just talking about anything!!! She is always there for me when I need her!!! Im grateful for Heavenly Father for having her in my life!!! I love her and im grateful for her Sweet Spirit!!! I know i will always have her by my side!!!

~Rascal Flatts~

My New Shirt


~Kar, Kaitlyn, Amanda, Me

Rascal Flatts

My most Favorite Concert to go to Every Year!!! They came to Phoenix and I got Tickets!!! All of my family went!!! I had a blast it was so worth it!!! Rascal Flatts is one of my Favorite Country Bands;) There music is Amazing!!! Im so glad that i went!!!

My Grandma Sink Celebrated her 90Th Birthday!!! She is going strong, healthy, happy!!! I love this Woman so much she is such an Example of how a Mother and Grandmother should be!!! I hope i can be like her to my kids someday!!! I got to go to Salt Lake and Spend time with my family that i haven't seen in so long!!! We made her a book of all the Memories of her growing up and each of us wrote a letter of our Wonderful Memories about our Grandma!!! It turned out really neat and i finally got a copy and i will take a pic and put it up soon!!! It was a wonderful day and I love my grandma so much!!! She is the greatest person i know and I'm so grateful for heavenly father for sending her to me;)

Where did I go?

I can't believe i went this long.... SoRRy EverYone;( Well an update in the last Couple Months!!!
August: Weddings I love going to them so much. It makes me so Excited for mine ~Someday~ I had the oppurtunity to attend 2 of my GirlfrIenDs Weddings in Saint George they were both on Aug 21,2010! Sarah Paxman now Sarah Kolb, and Lauren Wade now Lauren Germane;) There Weddings were Amazing and So Beautiful!!! I had so much fun and so glad i could be there for them!!!