Friday, July 9, 2010

Mesa Temple

My Best friend Erin that lives in Mesa has been going to the temple with me to do Baptisms!!! I went for the very first time in the Mesa Temple!!! It was the most Humbling Experience!!!! The font was so Different from the Saint George Temple!!! It feels so good to go to the House of the Lord and fulfill his work!!! It makes me so happy being inside!!! We go Twice a week!!! I love it so much!!! Erin is such an Amazing Friend to me and I'M grateful for her and her Amazing Spirit that she brings!!! I'm so glad i have Temple buddy!!!! We took pictures after we were done it was so nice outside and the Temple Grounds Look so Beautiful!!! I still Miss the Saint George Temple very much!!!

21st Birthday

I know its a little late but i wanted to let you all now how our 21st Birthday day went!!! Wow cant believe it we are this old.... I don't feel like it at all!!! My mom took us to Cheesecake Factory for dinner Yummy!!! My parents surprise us with to a Trip to Hawaii Yahoo so couldn't ask for anything better!!! Were going in Aug after Im done with my Externship with school!!! Cant Wait!!! We decided to have friends over and threw a big Pool Party!!! The boys decided to swim and the girls stayed inside to play the Wii!!! We played the dance game it was a lot of fun!!! I don't dance very well but still had fun with it!!! My mom got lots of food and We just had a Wonderful time with our friends!!!! What a great Birthday!!!

My Dessert;)
Blowing out
Our Candles

Girls from my ward!!
Seeing if i can dance lol

Kar and I

Playing the Wii
Smile Boys!!!