Friday, April 30, 2010

~ Fun Night~

Happy Bday

I ♥ U
~Best Friends~
~Love Long Time~

The Whole Bunch
@ Red Robin
~Fun Fun Fun~

I did it Two Times
Wow Impress!!!
Now I don't know if I'm going to
do it again...;(
It's Scary!!!
Everyone has been wanting me to do
the Chinese Fire Drill... I would never do
it... I thought it was too Dangerous... lol
Kaitlyn wanted me to try it for her Birthday
So I finally did it and It was pretty Scary at First...
A picture to prove my Reaction after I did it!!

~Highschool Musical~

My good Friend Kaitlyn had her 20Th birthday!!! We went to Dinner at Red Robyn and Jump street afterwards!!! There was a bunch of us... Kaitlyn, Kar, Kelsey, Lacey, Brandon, Alex;) We had so much fun!!! Jump street is Incredible never been to such a place!!! There are just big Trampolines that you can jump on!!! The group pic above you can kind of have a general idea what it looks like!!! Oh the best part was Kaitlyn's Birthday Cake!!! Brandon made it!!! It was so Yummy!!! It was a Double Chocolate one and It just Amazing did not know He could make such a thing!!! Fun night i have to say!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

~New Spring Outfit~

Well Spring is Finally here;) Love Spring its my favorite Especially Clothes!!! I got a New Skirt and top For Church!!! I love the Bright Colors...;) Green is my most Fav!!! Temperatures are starting to get Hotter Now!!! YAY;) Ive been laying out in the Warm Sunshine by the pool!!! That means Summer is Almost Here!!! Yippee!!! Guess that's what happens when you live in AZ!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~Finally A Break~

Good News for Me!!!! My Spring Break is Finally Here;) Yipee 16 Whole Days Off!!!! Things I want to do during my Time Off
Go Running I hope!!!

Eat Yummy Food!!

Watch Movies

Layout By the Pool

Im So Very Happy I finally get some time off from School!!! I will be able to Enjoy General Cofference Cant wait to hear the Message that has in store for us!!! Easter is Coming and Cant wait to Eat all the Yummy Candy lol!!! Im so happy I get to Celebrate it with my Family!!! I hope everyone has A wonderful Easter:)