Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Neon Party

Kar and I on our way to
a Neon Party!!! Our Bright
Colors!!! We had a blast!!

I Love Kar So Much!!!

I love Summer!!!

Amanda a Girl from my
ward!! She is such a doll love
her to pieces!!!
Kisses XoXoXo

Girls just want to have fun

Love my bright

My Favorite Drink Ever


Over the Weekend I went to a Neon Party!!! I went with Kar and a bunch of girls from my ward!!! Got all Dress up in our Bright Colors!!! I never been to one and I had a blast!!! We definitely glowed!!! On the way home I stop at my Favorite place QT and got Dr Pepper!!! Yummy it was 1130 at nite and i was definitely craving it don't know why!!! I love Summer its Definitely Hot in AZ!!! Can u imagine 118 degree Weather??? Crazyness!!! I love it for sure!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

~Hair Day~

All The foils he put in

Well here is a slight idea of what i go through when i get my hair done!!! Separating all the pieces in my hair and than come the foils!!! 3 hours later I'm all done!!!! Joe does an Excellent Job!!! I just go to a salon in downtown Mesa!!!