Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun Pictures!!!

This amazing girl name Kara Penrod did these wonderful pictures of me... She is very talented and she does an incredible job!!! She wanted to go and have some fun and take pics!!!! Iv'e never really taken pics of myself and first of all i cant take serious ones either... I smile way to much and I can't keep my mouth close.. So it took me a while but than i got it down!!! I pick out all of my favorite outfits to wear and than we went form there!! We went to just different parts of town and found these wonderful spots to take them!!! My favorite one is on the Rail Road Tracks!!!! The sun was just about to go down and it was Perfect timing!!! I love all the ones she took!!! Thanks kara your the Greatest friend ever and that you could do this for me!!! I really apreciate it!!! Enjoy :)

~ Mexico ~


Welcome to Mexico!!!

Alto.. Stop in Mexico lol

Our entire Family stayed there

for 7 days!!!

~Family Room~

This huge Deck with big

Sliding Doors!!!

Amazing Pool that was so much

fun to Swim in!!!

I love being out in the


Sitting on the Beach with

my Grandma :)

Giving me those kisses that

I love so much!!!

Having fun in the Water!

My Dad and I getting ready

to go out and try the boogie


Happy 91st Bday

Grandma Sink

I Love U Grandma!

My Braids in my hair ;)

My niece Brook taking

my Braids out!!!

I was sad to take them


After.. My hair is out of

control :(

I could wake up to this everyday

My Last Day There :(

So Beautiful


Timeline of our Wonderful Amazing Vacation....

1. Left house @ 6:00 am

2. Arrive in Mexico @ 9:00 pm

3. Check into our Amazing Condo

4. Unpack our Stuff and all of our Yummy Food that we were going to have while we were there!!

5. Got into our Swimming Suits and Headed down to the Pool

6. Went around the Lazy River on our Layout Floats

7. Went into town and went to our first Restaurant to Eat

8. Had Nachos and Cheese quesdillas and Diet Coke

9. Got home and Crash and Went to Bed

10. Woke up to my Grandma's Danish Pancakes

11. Went down to the Beach and Spent the Whole day there!

12. Went night swimming with all the kids

13. Swimming all day and Laying out!!

14. Through a Birthday Party for my Grandma Sink's 91st :)

15. Beach and all the girls got braids in their hair's from ladies that were on the Beach

16. Just kept eating the whole day

17. Went to a Yummy Restaurant and i had homemade Chicken Tacos!!!

18. Shopping at the Stores downtown

19. More Beach Time!!!

20. Went home:( Long Day.. Our Van broke down...

21. Had to Towe it home which took forever:(

22. The straps kept broking off... Bad storm came in and It was pouring down raining...

23. Got Soaking wet out in the rain which was fun I just needed a Handsome Guy to kiss in it :)

24. Left Town around 11 am and didn't get home until 2am Longest drive of my life...

25. Overall Best Trip Ever!!!! Can't wait to go back next year :)