Thursday, December 29, 2011


This was the only pic I got on Christmas!!! Forgot my mom's camera so someone else took pics and they have them!!! Well I love this time of year and to reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ!!! Celebrate his birth and so grateful for this special day!!! We went to Kortney and Greg's house to have a dinner with all of her friends!!!! Than Santa showed up and gave out presents to all the kids!!! It was so funny when kasen got to sit on Santa's lap he told him wanted a wife... Everybody laugh... When it was my turn Santa whisper into my ear and ask me if I wanted a Husband?!? I said sure I would love one hahahaha... :) So maybe it will come true for this new year!!! I always say Maybe this will be my Year!!!!! 2012 I hope this will be the time in my life that I find my Prince Charming!!!! Anyways enough about that... Woke up at 5:30 am because Kasen had to go to work:( So we open our presents and went straight back to bed!!! It was a super fun Christmas so grateful for what I got!!!!
This is what Santa Brought Me :) Car stereo, Clothes, Perfume, Leather boots, Money, Gift Cards!!! I loved what I got!!!! I'm ready for this new year!!!


I know its way late but I thought I would catch up on my blog!!!! Thanksgiving was so much fun went to Golden Corral with all the family!!! They had yummy food... We got to come home and have no dishes to clean up or anything!!! I recommended it!!!!