Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well there You have it... That's What goes on In our Lab!!! We also take Vitals too on all the students in the Class!!! Its alot of fun!!! It hurts Sometimes But you get Used to It!!! People always ask me How you let Someone Practice on You?? Well that's how we Learn!!! I come Home Monday Nights with Bruises all over My arm its kind of Sad it looks like I got Beat Up... But This Program is Amazing and I'm so glad that I'm apart of it!!! I cant Wait to be Done and get out in the Work Field and Use my Skills that I have learned the Last few months!!!
There is Another Injection we do is called ImGm Gluteus which is Your Butt LoL I didn't want to Embarrass Rhiannon for that!!! We just give an Injection right in the butt and let me tell ya its not a good feeling;(

IM Deltoid Injection I'm just going into the Deltoid Muscle at a 90 Degree
Angle!!! My Instructor says Straight In the Meat!! LoL I have to Aspirate to make Sure there is No blood!!! This is Rhiannon my Lovely Assistant that I'm practicing on!!! My Instructor along bedside Me!!!

Sub Q Injection I'm going under the Fatty Tissue
You Just Pinch the Skin together and You go in on a 45 Degree Angle!!

ID Injection Inter dermal;) I'm just going in on the top
of the Skin and Forming a Wheel!!! Its Pretty Cool
I'm doing Injections its another Lab Requirement We do Every week along with our Veni Punctures to Draw up Blood!!! At first when I learned how I was Scared To Death!!! But Now the more I Practice the Better I get!!! I can Poke Needles in the Body like its No Problem!! I'm so Proud of Myself I have come along Way!!! Never thought I could do this!!! This is my favorite Day of the Whole week is Lab;)

Now Another Student
Practice on Me!!! I get it
Every Week!!! So I'm pretty
Used to It now;)
Tubes Filled Job All
Done;) I did It!!!

Filling Up the Tubes

Found a Vein and put the
Needle in the Arm!!!

Getting Ready to Apply the
Tourniquet On!!

Getting Ready to do a Veni Puncture

Well I hope I don't Gross anybody out by this Post!!!! This is my New Life!!! School;) I go to Everest Community College!!! I'm in the Medical Assisting Program!!! I started it In December and I will finish In August!!! This has been a Changing Experience In my Life!!! I'm learning something new Everyday!!! I love being in the Medical Field!!! I love learning about the Body and everything that comes with it!!! I'm in a Class about 25 of Us!!! I love the Students that I work with!! I have Met new and wonderful friends with all of them!!! We Learn so much from Each other!!! I go to class M-Th 1-6pm!!! I have the Most Amazing Instructor Ever Her name is Cheryl Iverson!!! I just love her to Pieces!! She goes the Xtra Mile for Everybody in her Class!!! I love how she teaches!!! I feel Like i have learn so much from her!!! I'm loving this Program alot its keeping me bussy!!! Which is very good for me!!! I'm on my 4Th Module!!! There is 7 Total so I'm half Way!!! Cant believe how much time flies by!!! Hope You Enjoy the Pics of my Journey through School!!!

Home Sweet Home

Us with our Bowling Balls!!!


Sarah & Zack


She Just Loves Me;)

On My last night there Everybody had to work exept Sarah thank Goodness;) She decided cheer up my night because i was really sad and I didn't want to go back home;( We went Bowling with her and Zack!!! We had such a Fun time!!! I didn't do so Well because I really suck at this game lol!!! Sarah is an Amazing girl just love her so much!!!! We have been Such good Friends dont know what I do with out her!!!


Judi took this Pic of me!!!
I love My Red Sox Blanket;)

I met this Wonderful Cute girl name Courtney!!! She had the same Curly Hair just like me!!! We look like sisters!!! I couldnt believe it!!! I got to know her Really Well!!! I had so much fun with her while i was there!!!! Love this girl;)




Heather has Wonderful Roomates that I just fell in Love with!!! They were so kind to me;) I wish I lived with them!!! Judi and Danielle are Wonderful Girls!!! I got really close with them while i was there!!! Sunday night was so much fun because we took so Many fun and Crazy pics!!!! A night I will never forget;) I cant wait to see them again!!!

Sunday was so much fun!!! I got to go back to my Favorite Ward I use to be in with sarah!!! It was so much fun to See Everyone again;)

Love this Pic of Us!!!

I love it when we get to ride in her Car!!! Its my fav car Ever!!! Fun times in that car I have to say:) I was so Excited when we got in it!!! We dicided to take pics in her car!!! They turned out Really cute!!!

Elizabeth Thomspon!!! Love her new Last Name!!! She just got Married to Judd on Dec 21!!! I wasnt able to attend there wedding;( So i wanted to See them while i was there!!!! I got to spend time with her and Judd!!! I had so much fun We got to catch up with eachother and Hear about there Amazing Wedding!!!! There Appartment Was So Cute!!!! Liz did a wonderful job!!! Im so happy for the Both of them;) Liz has been a Wonderful Friend to me if it wasnt for Kar i wouldnt of met This Wonderful Girl that I love so much!!!

Us at Her and Judd's new Apartment!!!

Heather Stewart;) She has been one of My Bestest Friends for 5 years now!!! Got to meet up with her at Wingstop my fav place to eat!!! I got to meet her Roomates Judi and Danielle!!! I heard so much about them and I finally got to meet them!!! I love our pics we took!!! Cuteness;)


I just love this cute Baby Naveya;) She is my new cousin!!! Brieanne and Danny's little girl!!! She has grown so much!!! She was so much fun to play with!!! I didn't want to put her down... She wouldnt look at my camera she was kind of Distracted lol!!! We tried out best and Got some good ones of her!!! I love her so much and Miss her tons;)


She is such a Chunk I love it;)

Naveya Mitchelle Hoefelmann

I got to go back home to Good Old Saint George!!! I was able to spend time with all my friends and Family.... I do miss it and I miss living there for Sure!!! That was my hometown where i grew up!!! I never thought I would leave!!! Anways it was a fun Getta Way Trip;) I got to See both of my Grandparents!!! Cousins , Girlfriends, Went to my fav places to eat that i Miss!!!


I love these Girls so Much;)

Blow Fish Face

Big Smile

~ They LuV me~





Wow I cant believe i went this long not Updating my Blog;( So much has happen in the last few months dont know where to start..... Life in Az is Super Good!!! Ive had met so Many new Friends in my Singles Ward!!! The girls are Incredible i love them so much!!! These pics I was at My friend Brandon's house and all the girls got carried away with my Camera!!! It was super Fun took so Many Pics!!!