Friday, April 17, 2009

~Home Sweet Home~

Hey just wanted to let everybody know that I'm back home in good old St. George where I belong... My nanny job didn't work like I though It would.... The family broke there contract so the agency that I sign up for sent me home!! So I got back late Thursday night... The feeling to see my family again was just so amazing!! When I was gone and not being with them made me realize that families matters most;) It feels so good to be back!! So whats next?? My dad gave me good news when I got home that he got me a Job!!! Omg, I couldn't believe it... I was so excited... I'm going to be working at his office answering phone calls and doing pay rolls... I'm so excited I start on Monday!! Thanks to my dad I don't have any worries on what I'm going to do now!! The nanny job was a good experience and those kids were amazing!! I love them so much and I will cherish the memories I had with them;) Pennsylvania is a beautiful place and I hope one day I could go back!! Anyways I will still keep this blog updated!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Hey guess what its my sister Jamie's Bday!! Yahoo!! She is the oldest sister in our family!! She is a wonderful person inside and out!! She has the cutest kids that I love and adore!! I hope she has the best birthday day ever!! I love you so much Jamie!! Thanks for everything you have done for me your the greatest... Happy Bday;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My friends who I love and care about!!

I wanted to put up a post about my wonderful and amazing friends. These people are apart of my life and I don't know where I would be without them. I love hanging out with them they are so much fun to be around with. I miss them so much!! I love you guys!! Hope you like the pictures!! Best friends forever!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Happy Easter~

Happy Easter Everyone!! Hey look the easter bunny found me!! I love the stuff that I got!! I do miss easter at home though.. Its not the same!! I was a little sad that I was missing out on the big family easter party!! Im glad that I got a little something to cheer me up;) I hope everyone had a wonderful easter!!

~MY FiRsT WeeK~

Well what can I say... I had a busy week!! Here are some pictures of the kids having fun!! This week was really tough but I got through It... Being a Mom is sure a lot of work and I give all the credit to My Mom, Kort, Jamie, Rachael!! I don't know how you guys do it.. This was my week schedule... Jack and Billy playing on there Gator car that they love to ride around in the yard!! They are so cute with each other!! Maura she is such a doll!! She is a Princess;) I love playing with her.. We play with barbies, Dress up, Watch Little Mermaid like everyday, because Ariel is her favorite Princess. She loves riding that car up and down the driveway It's so cute seeing her work those little legs of hers!! We got to go on a walk one morning and I was enjoying the workout for me pushing her in the stroller.. I took her through the neighborhood and It was just so nice and warm outside!! She loved it!! She help me push the stroller all the way back home what a trooper she is!! The boys decided to make a little fort outside in the Yard!! They are pretty creative I took a picture of them by it. They were so proud of themselves!! Jack and Billy play Tennis on Thursday's at there Grandpa Murphy's (Megan's Dad) club house. It was a in door tennis court!! I couldn't believe it before my eyes how big it was. It was a really nice place to be in!! The boys did a good job and they look so cute in there uniforms!! Last but not lease one night the kids were playing dress up!! Maura was dress as a princess!! Billy had his cowboy hat on!! Jack had his star wars mask on!! They were so cute!! They wanted me to take pictures of them and what they were doing!! Everyday is a new learning experience!! I learn how to cook a little bit i made Banana nut bread, Played with Lego's and build a sponge bob world!! These kids definitely keep me busy!!! They are so much fun and I'm so glad I'm there Nanny!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

~My New Home~

Irish's Home
My Bedroom
My Flat Screen;)

My Bathroom

Family Room

Front Entry

Front Room

Dinning Room

Maura's Room


Jack & Billy's

Hey everyone.. I know everyone is anxious to see where i live and everything... Well here it is!! My new place!! I just love it so much!! Its so much fun!! The Irish family is Amazing they are taken very good care of me!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Times

This was my last week with my family before i head out to Pennsylvania. I got to go to Texas Road House for Dinner!! Afterwards we had Ice Cream Sundes;) My mom and dad sat me down on a chair and pulled out this brown bad... It had a bunch of stuff in it!! "This is stuff that will remind you of home while you are away" So my mom pulled out all these fun things that would remind me of home;
~Pizza Factory tshirt~
~Pizza Factory suckers~
~ My family pictures~
~A jar that had the red sand in it from the Dixie Red Rock~
~ Picture of Thomas S Monson~
~ A book called Daughter of God~
~ Ensign~
~A book called Snowmen at Night~
~ A sunshine and a Panther Paw~
All kinds of fun things that do remind me of home!! Thanks MoM and Dad for the cute idea!! Oh and they wrote me an amazing letter that i will cherish forever!! So here all the pictures from that fun and wonderful night!! I love my family so much!! Im so thankful for them!! I wish Kortney and Greg were there too with us But i do love them as well!!