Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Night

Kristen & Erin

We have so much fun
with Eachother!!

Got My hair done
that Day!!!

Erin is so
Georgous as Ever!!!

Crazy Face

~Girls Night~
This girl i just love so much!!! She lives in Mesa with me!!! She was one of the first girls i met when I first move here... I'm so glad I did because we are a lot a like!!! I met her at Karley's friend's Bachelorette Party!!! We have become Friends Ever since!!! She has been so kind to me and is always there for me when i need it!!! She is such a sweetheart with a wonderful spirit!!! We can always talk about anything and just have a blast!! I love our talks together about the Usual Boys, Shopping, Food, Movies;) She is such a doll!!! We decided to get out for a Nite!!! We went to Cheesecake Factory my fav for Dinner!! Got dessert at Dairy Queen!!! Went for a Drive through the town!!! We got to Catch up and Just have a blast!!! Erin Thanks for being a Wonderful Friend to me I appreciate it so much!!! I know were going to have Many more fun Memories to come!!! So glad we had our Girls Nite!!! Love ya tons!!!