Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread House

I decided I wanted to straighten my hair for church because it was Christmas!!! 4 and half hours later I made it happen!!! I did it all by myself i could not believe it.... I wanted my best friend Erin to come see it so she came over to my house for a bit and we just got to catch up for the week!!! She ask me if i wanted to go over to Robbie's house and hangout and I was like yeah sure!!! He is her sweet heart!!!! I showed up and we decided to make a Gingerbread House!!! It turned out really cute and Erin and I just made the gingerbread boys because Erin and Robby already completed the house!!! It was a fun night!! Robbie is such a wonderful guy and I'm so happy that he is apart of Erin's life!!! I had so much fun hanging out with them!!! Hope to do it again!!! Love U Erin and Thanks for a fun night I appreciate it so much!! Oh i couldn't forget we had Amazing Homemade Mint cookies and Dr pepper of course!!! lol Yummy treats to make the night even better!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Costa Vida

Costa Vida is now one of my Fav Restaurant here in Mesa!!! Its like Cafe Rio but just a little bit better!!!! This is a new girl i met here in mesa through a friend of mine!!!! Her name is Erin Western!!! We got together and had lunch at Costa Vidas!!! It was way Yummy!!! We just got to talk and catch up with one another!!! I figured out that we have a lot in common with each other!!! I couldn't believe it!!! She is such a doll and i cant wait to hangout with her again!!! I just love her so much!!! We have become such good friends!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Starting to look like Christmas

Christmas Tree
Let it Snow

Our Snow man

Light Up

Sitting Together

Snow Man up Above

Our Christmas Socks

Lights on our House

Big White Guy outside

Red Palm Tree
I love this time of year... Christmas is my favorite Holiday... A time to reflect on Christ birth and how we are so grateful for his sacrifice for us! All the fun Christmas lights on the houses and also around the temples... My fav things about "Christmas are"
~I love my Christmas Sock because it has my name on It and I've had it since I was a little girl~
~We have so many "Snow Man's" everywhere around our house~
~It's so Awesome to have a last name that's "SnOw" I don't know if want to give that up yet... I will eventually but i will keep the traditions to put them in my house~
~Taco Soup on Christmas Eve~
~My new Christmas PJ's~
~Danish Pancakes and Biscuit's and Gravy on Christmas Morning~
Well over the weekend we put up all the Decorations and I love it when they go up!!! My mom just does a good job at making our house so cute for the Holidays!!! So if you ever want to see a Snow Man come on over there are plenty!!! I told my mom when she was all done that our house is looking alot like Christmas!!! I just love it!!! I'm excited for it to come and i hope it doesn't come to fast!!!