Saturday, March 28, 2009

My New Nanny Blog

Hey everyone well here it is... My new Nanny Blog!! Yay I'm so excited to start this wonderful page with my new adventure that's about to happen!! Well to let you know I'm heading out to Newtown Square Pennsylvania to go be a Nanny!! I'm going to be gone for a YeaR cant you believe it that's a long time being away from home!! What can i say I'm growing up... Its going to be hard to be away that long from my family and friends, but I know its going to be an amazing growing experience for me!! I'm so excited to meet the family they are so cute and I cant wait to go be with them;) I leave the first weekend of April!! My parents are flying out with me to go help me settle in.... I'm grateful for my Parents I don't know what i would do with out them.. Well this will keep an update while I'm out there.. I will try to keep you posted as much as i can!! Wish me luck;)