Monday, January 17, 2011

My Amazing Grandpa Snow

I Love my Grandparents so
Signing Book lots of people came
for Support for my Grandma

My Grandma's Side
My Grandpa's Side
Our Wonderful Family
My grandpa and grandma's
All the Granddaughters:)

Curt & Karen
Cousins from Chicago
Dad, Grandma, Diane

Hank Dexter Manning

My Wonderful Grandpa Snow returned to his Heavenly Father on January 2,2010. He has been sick the last three months and been in the Hospital up in Salt Lake City. He fought for his life and now he was ready to go back home to be with his family up above! I didn't get a chance to see while he was sick the last time i was able to spend time with him was back in Aug! We went to Cracker Barrel and had breakfast together and I will never forget his smile and laugh that day... I'm so grateful for the Plan of Happiness and that our Families can be together forever:) I love my grandpa so much and he was such a wonderful Man!!! I had so many memories with him and was such a wonderful grandpa to me!!! I miss him so much but i know he is in a better place and feeling better and happy. His funeral turned so good and it was way nice.. Lots of people came and supported my grandma!!! I got to see lots of family that i haven't seen in such a long time!!! I love my grandpa and will miss him always but i will see him again someday!!!

Merry Christmas

I know its way late... I had a wonderful Christmas! Spending time with my family was the most important thing to me.. I'm so grateful that our Wonderful Gospel is all about families!!! We had a tradition yummy food that I always love eating!! Santa came to our house and all the kids were so Excited!!! We opened our Christmas Pj's and they are so Comfortable:) Next morning the Grand kids woke us up and came down stairs and saw what Santa brought me... I got some new clothes, purse, movies, a new Television, Leather Boots, Jacket, and some Money!!! Lots of fun things I was so happy about!!! 2010 was a wonderful year and Excited for what 2011 will bring:)