Saturday, March 31, 2012

I love ~ Baseball~

Baseball field

My ticket!!!

I Love My brother ;)


Our Shirt and Hat that we


I had the best day ever..... I finally got to go to my First Professional Baseball Game!!!! I love this sport its my Favorite ;) My aunt Margaret is on the Dixie State College Alumni Board and they were down here for a Visit to People who have Graduated from the college!!!! So my whole family has a attended Dixie State College and we love going there!!! We got to go to the Chicago Cubs stadium and watch them play the La Dodgers!!! It was so much fun!!! They had a drawing and Kase and I won a Shirt and a Hat!!! Lucky Us :) It was Super Hot and I got some sun!!! I love Spring Training!!! It was beautiful Weather for Az!!!! So thankful for our Aunt to let us Come!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love Spring!!!

Cant wait to hear from them!

I love wearing the
fun Spring Colors :)

I love Spring!!! The fun colors you get to wear!!!! I love this time of year!!! Getting ready for General Conference and hear from our wonderful Prophet Thomas S Monson!!! Easter and to remember our Savior Jesus Christ and his Sacrifice for Us!!!! I love all the beautiful colors and Arizona is starting to Get Warm!!! Yahoo Shorts and Flip Flop time!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~ Curly or Straight~

So grateful for my Dad and Mom giving me such Beautiful and Amazing Hair!!! Curls from my dad and the Thickness from my Mom!!!! Blonde from my dad and Red from my Mom!!! Some days I hate it and other days I just Love it!!! Can't complain!!!! I hear all the time People pay alot of my Money for the Curls...Well I pay alot of Money for the Straight lol :) So I guess we always want what we don't have!!!! I was having a Good Hair Day and I just loved it :)

~Look who came to Visit me in Arizona~

~Best Suprise ever~

We Always Love Taking Pictures :)

David Alexander Martin..........He is been one of my Best fRieNds EvEr!!!!!! I met him back when I started going to the college ward in Saint George 2009!!! I remeber when I first met him I can remember it like no tomorrow... He came into Sunday School and he had a Yellow Tie on and what caught my EyE where those Black Square Glasses!!!! He tap me on the shoulder and ask me is this Seat Taken?!? I look and I was like No not at All!!!! I was freaking out because I couldn't believe it was him lol :) Anyways... After that day we have been Friends Ever Since!!! He is an Amazing guy and our Friendship is Awesome!!! We Can AlwAys talked about anything and be there for one another!!!! Well he gave me a Call and I was freaking out because he told me he was here in AZ!!!! So I hurried and got ready and 10mintues later I was out the door and I met him for Lunch!!!! Got out of the Car and Gave Him the Biggest Hug Ever!!!! Couldn't believe he was here!!!! Miss that kid so Much!!!! We got Lunch and just catch up on Everything in our Lives!!!! It was the Best Surprise Ever!!! He is good at that and it put a Big Smile on My Face :) :) :) Can't wait until he Comes down Again!!!!